The Face of Horror

His real name is John Buhmeyer. He lives in Maryland, where he is associated with the false dharma cult Kunzang Palyul Choling, or KPC. He was convicted of harming an underage boy, and spent time in prison for that offense. Since his release, he has been masquerading as a Tibetan Buddhist monk named Palzang.

A monk? Real Buddhist monks don't eat shellfish, taking as many lives as they need to satiate their swollen bellies.

Disguised as a monk, openly gay Palzang finds ways to keep himself close to where children gather. He tried it in Sedona, Arizona, strategically placing himself nearby the town library, where children gather after school. He was asked to leave that location.

Do not be fooled. Palzang, and those like him, are not real Buddhists. Be extremely cautious when dealing with Kunzang Palyul Choling, or its leader, "Jetsunma." There are too many legitimate Tibetan Buddhist organizations around to risk your spiritual life to charlatans and criminals like these.