Another Roadside Attraction

Expect some big news about that troubled stupa in Sedona, an artifact of the rapidly decaying Jetsunma Cult's grandiose schemes and dreams. Seems that some magicians have been at work lately, and not without effect.

Save Lucian?

It all started with this heart-wrenching photograph of an abandoned dog, in Ohio, seen here at the Germantown Animal Health Clinic.

Alyce Zeoli (she calls herself "Jetsunma," and "Ahkon Lhamo") seized on the issue, and began broadcasting appeals for attention and money. Members of the New Palyul Lineage, or KPC cult, jumped on the band wagon with an endless series of "retweets" on Twitter.

However, the Germantown Animal Health Clinic, under the direction of Dr. Lisa Woods, DVM, was not about attention and money, and wanted no part of "@ahkonlhamo" and her crazy masquerade.

That is when the game turned ugly. 

When she would not play ball, Alyce Zeoli and the KPC Cult attacked Dr. Lisa Woods personally, with fury and intensity.

These attacks continued, unabated, over several days, with endless retweets by cult followers and those duped by the cruel propaganda campaign.

When one reads some of these "tweets," one cannot help but be reminded of the Manchurian Candidate: "@ahkonlhamo is the most loving caring person I've ever known..," writes one brain-washed cult follower.

When on-line critics protested Alyce Zeoli's thuggish comments, and KPC's bullying tactics, they were treated to threats of a lawsuit -- a favorite KPC tactic these days.

KPC cult follower "@sangyeH," actually Christine Hatchion, was a particularly vicious participant in the campiagn, attacking Dr. Woods directly.

Alyce Zeoli and the KPC cult members repeated the same themes, over and over, for days on end. They also repeatedly posted the first photograph of the starved dog, Lucian.

The same "tweets" were repeatedly posted, using automation programs designed for on-line marketing users.

Over a period of two or three days, literally hundreds of these automated posts went out, in an attempt to drive the harassment campaign "viral."

But, the on-line thugs and bullies had one problem they could not ovecome....

Dr. Lisa Woods is an extremely skilled vet, and the dog Lucian got better and better. In an attempt to curtail the harassment, Dr. Woods notified the police of her predicament, reportedly hired an attorney, and posted pictures of the recovering dog on her Facebook pages.

This did not stop Alyce Zeoli and the KPC cult, who continued their campaign without mercy.

The cynical group used the poor dog's tragedy to ruthlessly self-promote its own fundrasing efforts in the animal rescue field. Here, you see KPC cult executive "@anisonams," actually Carla Shroeder, claiming that Alyce Zeoli derives no income from these efforts. 

Actually, that is an indefensible misrepresentation of fact. 

As an audit of financial records will quickly establish, Alyce Zeoli has for many years regularly taken a ten percent "cut" of  fundraising efforts.

In fact, we openly challenge Alyce Zeoli and KPC to make all of their financial records for the past twenty years available to independent auditors. As these records pertain to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, there has to be transparency in order to protect the public.

Lucian the dog is gaining weight, walking in the backyard, playing with his siblings, and bonding with his caretakers. He is not in a muzzle. He does not have worms. He is not lying on a concrete floor.

No matter how much Alyce Zeoli and KPC want you to believe otherwise. 

Complete Delusion

Portly New Age cult leader Alyce Zeoli -- she calls herself "Jetsunma" -- has apparently experienced some sort of psychotic break -- or so it would seem from her Twitter posts of recent date. In the post above, she forges a "tweet" from one of her cult followers -- they like to dress up in costume and pretend they are "Buddhist nuns" -- in which she claims that Padmasambhava recognized her as Mandarava, and ... well, you can see for yourself.

You can also see that "Ani" Palmo presented no such tweet for Alyce to re-tweet -- it was all just more KPC, or New Palyul Lineage cult (they are also calling themselves the "Poolesville Lineage" now) smoke and mirrors.

Please... someone with a heart... get this poor woman the psychiatric attention she so obviously and desperately needs. It is a cruelty to let her go on this way.