An Open Challenge to the Palyul Retreat

As anyone who follows her posts on Twitter already knows, Ahkon Lhamo, who likes to call herself "Jetsunma," is becoming more and more erratic and embarrassing not only to the Palyul lineage, but to the Nyingma School as a whole. Lately, she has become increasingly abusive toward others. As an example, in the post above, you see the low esteem in which she holds the Palyul khenpos at this year's retreat.

In the post above, you see an argumentative and abusive "Jetsunma" admit that she has purchased and is employing "night vision" surveillance equipment against people she considers her "enemies." This is clear evidence of an extremely sick mind. These are not the actions of an enlightened master, nor of a "Living Buddha," as she has instructed her students to refer to her.

The longer that Palyul lineage tulkus and khenpos permit this behavior to go unchallenged, the greater the harm. Whether Palyul leaders feel they are honoring Penor Rinpoche's memory, whether they feel they are being polite, or whether it is just typical evasion of an uncomfortable situation, the fact remains that silence implies consent. Ahkon Lhamo is a drug abuser, an alcoholic, and an unstable psychiatric patient on heavy medication -- all of which she attempts to conceal at any cost. If her conduct is left unchecked, she will continue to harm others, and will become an even greater danger to herself.

We openly challenge those now attending the Palyul retreat in upstate New York to expose and condemn Ahkon Lhamo's long record of deception and abuse. 

To do otherwise is cowardice.

We also openly challenge those who offer financial sponsorship to Palyul projects and events to withhold their support until this disgrace to the lineage has been rectified. 

Does it make any sense at all to donate money that is used to stalk and harass others?

Finally, let it be understood that this problem will not just resolve itself. When the tulkus and khenpos who are attending this year's retreat applied for entry into the United States, they promised American authorities that they would behave appropriately. Unless these tulkus and khenpos actually endorse the harm and harassment of United States citizens, they should make their position on Ahkon Lhamo's conduct very, very clear indeed.

There is no good reason not to do so.