Deranged Thinking

This is a screen capture of posts by Alyce Zeoli ("Ahkon Lhamo") to her Twitter account, showing how she greeted Losar. In the capture above, the post on the bottom precedes that on the top. The screen capture below shows the posts in larger context, and also demonstrates the preoccupations of a mind now sadly deranged. She refers to predecessors as being afflicted by poisons that have resulted in sickness, and states that said predecessors will "have relief." The statement, "May all obstacles to Palyul and her people..." is also particularly telling.

A Horror That Speaks for Itself

Here is a screen shot from Twitter: evidence that the "students" of New Age "guru" Alyce Zeoli, also known as Ahkon Lhamo, or "Jetsunma," are following a madwoman.

This unbridled arrogance, rooted in boundless ignorance, will earn extremely negative results in this and future lives.