About Us

This blog has been created by a group of concerned Vajrayana practitioners regarding the behavior of the person calling herself “Jetsunma.” We feel it is important to get this information out to the public because this woman -- who is publicly identified as a psychiatric patient -- solicits money purporting to be a fully realized "wisdom dakini," and "living Buddha." This blog is not affiliated with any particular organization, lama, or group. It is owned, funded, and maintained by individuals on a purely voluntary basis. We invite anyone who has had interactions with this person to offer comments or questions.

We ourselves are operating anonymously because of threats we receive. This individual has a criminal past, which demonstrates she can be dangerous, without empathy for her victims.

It is our intention to present factual information and allow individuals and organizations to make an informed choice as to whether or not this individual is in fact a legitimate Buddhist teacher. We hope to be able to help other Buddhist students distinguish between pure, virtuous activity, and a facade put on for selfish purposes.