Complete Delusion

Portly New Age cult leader Alyce Zeoli -- she calls herself "Jetsunma" -- has apparently experienced some sort of psychotic break -- or so it would seem from her Twitter posts of recent date. In the post above, she forges a "tweet" from one of her cult followers -- they like to dress up in costume and pretend they are "Buddhist nuns" -- in which she claims that Padmasambhava recognized her as Mandarava, and ... well, you can see for yourself.

You can also see that "Ani" Palmo presented no such tweet for Alyce to re-tweet -- it was all just more KPC, or New Palyul Lineage cult (they are also calling themselves the "Poolesville Lineage" now) smoke and mirrors.

Please... someone with a heart... get this poor woman the psychiatric attention she so obviously and desperately needs. It is a cruelty to let her go on this way.