Descent Into Madness

It is a sad and at times frightening thing to witness. New Palyul Lineage cult guru Alyce Zeoli ("Jetsunma" to her followers) is rapidly disintegrating, in real time, in public, on Twitter where she "tweets" as @ahkonlhamo.

Actually @ahkonlhamo is only one of her Twitter personas. It is the face she reserves for promoting her CD, endless boasting about projects she did years ago, and meaningless New Age babble about love, love, love.

But lately, Alyce hasn't been very loving, as she ruthlessly indulges her obsession with a man who she believes dumped her, and a courageous nun who helped him escape her clutches. If you examine her timeline, you see pages and pages of "tweets" seething with anger, jealousy, and cold hatred: all directed to these two people. You also see evidence such as provided by the screen shot above, that Alyce is losing her mind: a sudden rant directed to nobody in particular, or maybe a voice she hears inside her head.

Alyce's avatars make no pretense of loving kindness. These include @italiansteed, @shamanspell, @puredharma, @michangel1948, and @kpcmonk, to name but a few of the more than fifty -- yes, fifty -- sock puppets she employs to pummel her two "enemies." If you want to see who Alyce really is, read through their timelines.

Alyce has developed a peculiar fixation. She believes that two Twitter personas, @DSZBuddha and @crystalshakti, are operated by her "enemies." Each day, Alyce and her several personalities publish waves of scurrilous attacks against the two. The constant battling has disgusted most of the on-line Buddhist community, but it continues day and night, week after week: a constant barrage of threats, vulgarity, and coarse innuendo.

Is this Tibetan Buddhism? As one of Alyce's many on-line critics points out, if you want to confirm whether or not Penor Rinpoche's letter denouncing Alyce is genuine or not, all you have to do is visit her on Twitter. Both she and her students provide ample evidence every day that Penor Rinpoche's letter is absolutely authentic.

Alyce Zeoli has violated the confidence that was once placed in her, twisting the dharma for over twenty years to support a profligate lifestyle that includes sex with her students (male and female), drugs, and alcohol abuse. She has used precious Vajrayana teachings in the manner of a witch, to call down curses upon people she perceives as enemies: people who she fears with testify against her on a witness stand someday soon.

However, according to the very teachings she has so carelessly violated, there is a heavy penalty for such conduct: a descent into madness, as prelude to an eternity in the Vajra Hells.

Because Alyce Zeoli's conduct is so bizarre -- there is reason to believe that she and her followers are at this moment conspiring to commit a kidnapping -- police in at least three different states are investigating: "followers" that may include some of the Twitter personas she singles out for vilification. 

It isn't difficult to earn a display of Alyce Zeoli's gutter tactics.

Just go on Twitter, and tell her she's not a Queen.

Perhaps Alyce Zeoli should connect one of her disconnected thoughts: "I feel she should go for Psych eval and U go with. Or she will in fear act like no problem."