Defaming Stupas

The sick spectacle on Twitter just will not stop. Self-styled "lineage holder" Alyce Zeoli or @ahkonlhamo (she calls herself "Jetsunma") recently devoted several posts to defaming a stupa building project being conducted by someone she considers an "enemy." To accomplish this, Alyce used both her own account, and those of her alter ego @italiansteed -- wherein she claimed to be a student of Sogyal Rinpoche! Alyce also published critical blog posts, and a host of sarcastic "tweets" we will not bother to reproduce.

What is interesting to note is that, in the wake of her slanders, Alyce (1) had a $250,000 note called on a house she claims is a temple, (2) her dog died, (3) her friend died, (4) her health declined, and (5) her posts became increasingly violent and psychotic in nature.

Apparently, Alyce doesn't understand cause and effect very well. Today, the vilification of the stupas by Alyce and her cult "KPC," or the "New Palyul Lineage" was resumed by a KPC "nun," Christine Hatchion, also known on Twitter as @sangyeH. 

This is incredibly ignorant behavior by people who claim to be followers of the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism. Alyce Zeoli and the New Palyul Lineage have disgraced the memory of Penor Rinpoche and shocked the conscience of Buddhists everywhere.