Peeling the Onion

The trail begins and ends in Hong Kong, where all good money launderers always go in an attempt to hide their ill-gotten gains.

The trail then proceeds to Maryland, to a corporation (not in good standing) registered to an ex-husband (also not in good standing).

Just to confuse matters, there is also a highly similar corporation (not in good standing) involving the same creative thinking.

Nevertheless, the trail then moves to Arizona, to another  similarly-named corporation (not in good standing). Matter of fact, that corporation has been DISSOLVED by the Secretary of State for non-compliance with reporting procedures. That is a familiar theme in this little tale of woe.

Here is an interesting cast of characters -- better known these days by their Twitter names @kpcmonk and @anidawa?

But wait just a funky Chicago second..... what about that little fundraising situation back in April of 2010? That one where cult leader Alyce Zeoli and her well known cast of cyber-bullies were so desperate for your dollars to "save the temple?" 

Seems to me that money supposedly went to pay off a note against property held by a corporation that basically doesn't exist.

That's what the public records say, and that's what the seasoned fraud investigators say. That's also what it says on the documents that Alyce Zeoli and cohorts submitted to the lenders.

Now wait just another second.... wasn't that whole episode overshadowed by a magical donation of $117,000 wire-transfered from Pathgate Institute of Buddhist Studies in the United Kingdom? 

Except, there is no Companies House listing for Pathgate Institute of Buddhist Studies.

The only "Pathgate" known to Companies House is this one:

Hmm... this onion is starting to stink.... lets peel some more, shall we?

Why, its a reference to somebody named "Lama Dondrup Dorje." Now, that wouldn't happen to be a certain Hong Kong martial arts personality running around the British Isles using various Tibetan names, now would it?

The same person who is one of the Directors of.....

Penor Rinpoche Charity Foundation Limited?

Oh, we already be knowin', honey... we already be knowin' all about your crystals and what more they might represent.....

This story continues to develop, as we find more and more interesting evidence. We'll be sure to keep you informed, so stay tuned.