Dr. Schwetz and Liberation Farms

Somebody might want to get with the Bank of America legal department and check this out. Susan A. Homire and her estranged husband Bernard A. Schwetz, operating under the Homire-Schwetz Family Revocable Trust dated 5/2/03, are claiming in January 2008 that 17601 Conoy Road, Barnesville, Maryland 20838 is "such mortgagor's principal residence," in return for a fat two hundred grand.


Except, Susie Homire, who also goes by the name "Rabden," and poor Bernie don't live there. According to federal election contribution records -- and her own incessant "tweets" -- this is the principal residence of Alyce Zeoli -- the infamous "Liberation Farms" of the equally infamous "Jetsunma" of the New Palyul Lineage Cult, also known as KPC.

Maybe somebody needs to visit with Dr. Bernard A. Schwetz, who presumably knows something about toxicology and experiments with humans, and and wise him up about "Rabden's" involvement with the toxic cult that so enjoys experimenting with the lives of others.

Never fear, gentle readers... as long as KPC continues to intimidate, harass, and cyberstalk others, we will continue to follow the sad record of their scams, frauds, and selfish plans to feather the already well-feathered nest of "Jetsunma:" the Buddhist Tammy Faye Baker?

Pity that the property has now become a crash pad for drugged out musicians and Zeoli's cult of fake monastics. Here is one open record, a screenshot taken directly from the web, demonstrating that the house has become an "anything goes" center, with boarders paying heavy rents for the privilege of basking in their twisted leader's fading light. While not out searching for employment, "Ani Hesper" likes to talk smack on Twitter these days. Strange how Dr. Schwetz forgot to mention her when he was negotiating with the bank.

Is it also possible that Dr. Schwetz also forgot to mention Alyce Zeoli and the compassionate and beneficial Jane Drake (any relation to Paul?) when he was claiming a homestead exemption on the property:

Seems there are a lot of things Bernie doesn't like to reveal. Interesting, how this former Food and Drug Administration official neglects to inform that an automobile registered to Alyce Zeoli was stopped and impounded in Texas, a quantity of narcotics was seized, and the driver and passenger arrested.

Was Alyce Zeoli's cult running narcotics from Arizona to Maryland, to the homestead and principal residence of a former Food and Drug Administration official? How much did he know, and when did he know it?

Stay tuned. 

(*) A tip of the property tax hat from a professional to an amateur.

Defaming Stupas

The sick spectacle on Twitter just will not stop. Self-styled "lineage holder" Alyce Zeoli or @ahkonlhamo (she calls herself "Jetsunma") recently devoted several posts to defaming a stupa building project being conducted by someone she considers an "enemy." To accomplish this, Alyce used both her own account, and those of her alter ego @italiansteed -- wherein she claimed to be a student of Sogyal Rinpoche! Alyce also published critical blog posts, and a host of sarcastic "tweets" we will not bother to reproduce.

What is interesting to note is that, in the wake of her slanders, Alyce (1) had a $250,000 note called on a house she claims is a temple, (2) her dog died, (3) her friend died, (4) her health declined, and (5) her posts became increasingly violent and psychotic in nature.

Apparently, Alyce doesn't understand cause and effect very well. Today, the vilification of the stupas by Alyce and her cult "KPC," or the "New Palyul Lineage" was resumed by a KPC "nun," Christine Hatchion, also known on Twitter as @sangyeH. 

This is incredibly ignorant behavior by people who claim to be followers of the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism. Alyce Zeoli and the New Palyul Lineage have disgraced the memory of Penor Rinpoche and shocked the conscience of Buddhists everywhere.