Cover Up Uncovered

Alyce Zeoli, who calls her @ahkonlhamo on Twitter, and "Jetsunma" everywhere else, tries to conceal the fact that she has a criminal record. But, here is the proof:

“State of Maryland vs. Alyce Zeoli”
Criminal case number: 5D00037826
Charge: Battery
The trial took place on November 8th, 1996, at 9:00am at the District Court of Maryland for Montgomery Country.

The Montgomery County Maryland Department of Police: G96228930
Date of original report: September 7, 1996
Investigating Officer: Lt. Jacocks
Statement of charges filed: September 9, 1996
Commissioner: A. Williams, I.D. 6563.
A supplement was added to G96228930 on September 27, 1996, that the case was closed by the arrest of Alyce Zeoli, a/k/a Jetsunma, a/k/a Akhon Lhamo Rinpoche