Who Is "Lay Girl?"

We found the following post in an old internet archive, and reproduce it here as a public service:
Alyce Zeoli's cult regularly solicits money from the general public under a variety of pretexts and for a number of ostensible purposes. One favourite ploy is “Tibetan Refugee Relief.” As we shall see, there is considerable question regarding who is being relieved, and how.

When, in early 2008, investigators found that money was being collected for India  but not being sent to India (it was being used to pay Alyce Zeoli’s personal expenses), the following email was sent by a KPC agent (ever ready to fall on her sword) in an attempt to divert further questions:
“It looks like we need to send $2,041 to Namdroling.
Here is a letter that can accompany the check that
details the recipients and the amounts owed each.
Once I know how much money is in the account, I can
write a check for the rest.  Then we will need to get
a cashier’s check to “Penor Rinpoche Charitable
Foundation.”  Lama Lobsang felt this was the best way
to send the money, although it is very slow.  It would
be faster to send via western union but then there
would be a commission taken out.  Which would you
recommend? I am very sorry that this has lingered so long.  I
hope that I will never be the cause of others to be
without funds in the future.”
Below is the text of letter referenced in the above email:

Lama Drakpa
Penor Rinpoche Charity Foundation Office
Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery
Arlikumari, P.O. Bylakuppe pin 571104
Mysore District, Karnataka State

February 22, 2008

Dear Lama Drakpa

Greetings from Kunzang Palyul Choling in Poolesville, Maryland! I spoke with Lama Lobsang about some funds that we have for Tibetan Refugee Sponsorship. He told me to contact you.

As part of the Tibetan Refugee Sponsorship Program, we have collected funds for the following individuals. Lama Lobsang indicated that we should send the funds by certified check to you. We have funds for the following individuals:

Tenzin Silnam

Tennam and Tenzing Paldon

Old Camp No. 1, House #66
Tenzin Wobum

Kalsang Lakyi

Ani Shedra

Tibetan Refugee Sponsorship

For general use
Lay Girl



Would it be possible for you to send me an email to let me know that you received this check, and if you have any questions? My email address is: [deleted]

Many thanks!


Kunzang Palyul Choling

What KPC did not know, when they provided that letter to investigators, is that the ability to follow up on their claims was already in place. On 2/26/08, the following email was sent to a cooperating individual well-placed at Namdroling Monastery:

“See the attachment and check if these people listed actually exist.”

On 3/7/08 came the reply:
“It looks as if those names are more Gelugpa names than Nyingma. Ani Shedra I assume means Ani monastery. As far as I know we do not actually have anything to do with the Tibetan Refugee sponsorship. This handled by Tibetan government in first camp which is also one of the addresses you have there. We have between 600 and 700 nuns in Ani Gompa. What would be this money sent for? They are really odd amounts. Could it be connected with commissions rather than donation? I do not know it to be so and I do not know it not to be so but it is commonly believed that Lobsang has run and may be still running a visa operation. Camp 1 is a Gelugpa camp quite some way from our monastery. I can go and see if House 66 exists tomorrow but we have to be very careful at the moment, over a dozen people got killed here in the last few days with the protector controversy in nearby Sera, the police is all over the place and curfew are in place after 8pm. Today one of our camp people was also killed in front of his house, so we are a little careful about getting out. Dragpa Lama is one of the very ethical older monk who used to take care of finances before Lobsang took over. He was ousted by the latter a couple of years ago and does not have any official duties nor powers anymore as far as I know. I am surprised they would send money via him. They could send a deposit straight into the Charity account too. “Lay Girl” is totally impossible to check of course.. maybe this is somebody’s little joke (somebody's girl is getting laid). Lobsang has not been seen here for a couple of days at least, you may find that he maybe out of the country and heading your way– just a upposition but plausible in view of the circumstances.”