"Jetsunma's" Broken Samaya

"Just be harmonious with each other and do your very best and follow the pure tradition, not “my way.” Don’t follow the highway of “my way,” that’s very shameful. That will cover up the pure Buddhist doctrine. And don’t mix the tradition with other things, with your own ideas and your own cultures. Don’t follow cultures for that matter. You don’t need to follow any culture, just the pure Buddhadharma, and nothing ever needs to be changed. It’s so sad when people think they need to adjust Buddha’s speech, like pouring blood into pure milk."
The above was spoken by Gyaltrul Rinpoche, who New Age cult leader "Jetsunma" Ahkon Lhamo (Alyce Zeoli) frequently refers to as her root guru. Yet, yesterday, the following comment appeared on her website, as prelude to yet another convoluted tirade that demonstrates nothing more than her ignorance of the dharma and profoundly broken samaya: 
"An excerpt from a teaching called Dharma and the Western Mind by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo: 'Adapting Dharma for Westerners is not difficult if you understand what our needs are.'"
Alyce Zeoli dares to "teach" contrary to her root guru's specific instructions, and she even does it while he is still alive. Can you imagine how destructive she will become when he passes away?