Whining Weasels On the Run

Note: The following was published on another blog today, and purports to be a letter from "Lama" Lobsang Chopel, former private secretary to the late Penor Rinpoche. This is a most interesting document, made no less interesting by the way it was surfaced, and the medium in which it was surfaced. Please understand that Lobsang Chopel is brand manager of the Palyul franchises in the U.K. and in Maryland, U.S.A., and is strongly supported by New Age "channeler"Alyce Zeoli's New Palyul Lineage cult. Namdroling has to pay him certain mind because he controls access to overseas money. Beyond that, however, here is a man who has spent a lifetime basking in reflected glory, unwilling to give up his privileged position, clearly jockeying for angles. Let it be understood that he has appropriated Penor Rinpoche's personal seals, and uttered a steady stream of forgeries in Penor Rinpoche's name.

Lobsang Chopel

John [Pappas]
December 13, 2010 at 4:55 pm

Hi. This was just emailed to me by source wishing to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal. Take it for what you will. I apologize for the length.

"To all Palyul students, I think there are many threats to our lineage right now and I feel we do need answers from HH Karma Kuchen, the other heart sons and Khenchen Tsewang. This is the letter supposedly sent from Lobsang in October 2009. Reading this letter carefully explains what is happening within our lineage. How is the power being consolidated within the US? Who is running what or who will be running what? As Bill has said, we do need answers otherwise we will fall apart."

Upon the death of Penor Rinpoche, senior tulkus 
acted immediately to silence Lobsang Chopel

"To All Palyul brothers and sisters, please see the letter from Lama Lobsang Chopel below. Please pass it on to anyone you believe may benefit from knowing."

Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso: he refers to
Alyce Zeoli as a "suicide bomber."

    From Lobsang:

    To Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso and all the Tulkus' lotus feet,

    I, Lobsang Chophel, respectfully prostrate and request from my heart that you hear what I have to say.

    For about 30 years, from the time I was young until now, I have served His Holiness Penor Rinpoche. Other people have either liked me in that position or not, but His Holiness and I have had an extremely comfortable outer, inner and secret relationship. He would give me a direct order and I did it always exactly as he wished. I did everything he asked. Because of that, up until His Holiness' last moments, we shared the same samaya and the same motivation. So, in that way, in my life, I am very lucky. It is my good fortune.

    Even before the ending of Rinpoche's thugdam, or the 49 days, you all have done many shameless acts, and told many lies. In spite of that, I did, as much as I was capable of, handle this without any opposing word or action. I did this because of the presence of Rinpoche's Kundun body, and my desire to not bring shame to Rinpoche's reputation. Because of these two motivations, I was patient with all you were doing to me and to others. With the end of the 49 days, my responsibility ended. The job of caring for His Holiness, while he was alive ­ from beginning to middle and end ­ the entire activity is pure white. The head is white and the end of the tie is also white. So all these activities which I performed to benefit Palyul and Penor Rinpoche – if there is anything worthy ­ I offer it to the Three Jewels. If there is no benefit to Palyul and His Holiness, then there is nothing more I am able to offer.

    Namdroling's new special high council, (two Tulkus & 3 Khenchens) convened an administrative meeting prior to the arrival of His Holiness Karma Kuchen during His Holiness Penor Rinpoche¹s thugdam. At that meeting I made the request that you prove these insults you have spoken, one by one ­ both those to myself and others as well. At that meeting everyone verbally denied the things that had been said, however no one would commit to writing the words they had spoken so easily. So I now repeat my request.

    At the Palyul Retreat Center, in upstate NY, we had another meeting, and in front of 3 Tulkus and 1 Khenchen I spoke about how I had served His Holiness tirelessly with my whole heart. And with my tears, I spoke of the lies that had been spoken against myself and others. Specifically, they are:

    1- You said that His Holiness passed away because of the actions of Paljor and myself. This was said by you, the special council, during the administrative meeting.

    So, today, do all of you think same thing or not? If you still think this is true, please let me know and I will bring all the medical records during the last few years to any court in the world so we can clarify this openly. If you think that is not true, then please will you issue a written letter stating that it was a false accusation? I have requested that in the meeting where all the Khenchens denied the accusations, but would not say so in writing, only their words.

    2- You said that, during the last stage of His Holiness' final stay in the Bangalore hospital, that you saw Lobsang (me) try to keep His Holiness either in the hospital, or if that was not possible, arrange take him to His Holiness' brother's house in Bangalore to die there. Further, you said that it was you (the special council) who brought him back to the monastery in Bylakuppe. These words were spoken by you to all of Namdroling's monks, and these are lies.

    Because, when His Holiness was in his last stage ­ I, Lobsang, together with Mugsang Tulku, Gyangkhang Tulku and two doctors ­ met in the hospital's office and discussed what kind of transportation we would take to the monastery. ­ helicopter or ambulance. We decided on the ambulance and when the decision was made final, I personally called the Royal Bhutan ambassador and asked him to request the Indian government to provide a special police escort from Bangalore to the monastery to help ease any disturbances along the way and make the journey more comfortable for His Holiness. That is how we reached the monastery. Both of you Tulkus know everything because you were there ­ they are lying. Again, I request that you give me a letter that whatever I did was in the best interests of His Holiness and Palyul. As often as I have made these requests, I only get words, no written confirmation. I'm especially sad about these two subjects.

    In general, as the leaders of Namdroling, when you speak, you have to be really truthful. If you speak in that way, it will be easy to speak and easy for others to listen comfortably. If you are just supporting each other with bargains, and ignoring the karma of ill speech, no one will hear you with comfort for it is not the truth. If you are bargaining with each other, do you think that is His Holiness' wish that you don't follow the karma? I don¹t think it is his wish. So please keep that in mind.

    If I don¹t get these two letters, validating the truth of my actions, there is no reason for us to get together again. We will have no basis for talking.

    Concerning the upstate NY center, during His Holiness' visits to America in 1997 and 1998, he mentioned that he wanted to have one large center in the upstate NY area as the main head of all his centers. Because of this, following his direction, I started this center. It has been going for 12 years. For this entire time, Tsewang Norbu and myself designed and built the center, following His Holiness' direct orders. To date we have 500 acres of land, houses and many assets. To accomplish both fundraising and expansion ­all the jobs required – we both worked tirelessly to see it come to fruition. Nowadays, there are various people saying they helped the center over the years ­ but actually we never got anyone's support for this project. To find out how we did it, you can ask the local people who know how we faced the difficulties and overcame them.

Alyce seems to spend a lot of time flying around in space.

    It's important for everyone to know that all the assets ­ land, buildings, cars etc, – are legally owned by Palyul Ling. Nothing belongs to any individual. This is the only way we can operate under American law. It's important to know that.

    During the legal incorporation of Palyul Ling, His Holiness and I discussed the succession of the presidency of Palyul Ling. It was His Holiness' wish that the president always be the current Throneholder of Palyul. To honor that wish, before the Summer retreat, I asked His Holiness Karma Kuchen Rinpoche, as the current Throneholder, to be the President of Palyul Ling. At that time, His Holiness Karma Kuchen was not ready to fully accept the position. Since I don't want to force him to take the job, when he gives me the letter saying he wants to be president, I will do that immediately.

    Regarding the other officers of Palyul Ling and the daily routine, that should all continue as it was during His Holiness' life with no changes for now. It is running peacefully now, and it should continue that way. There should be no more changes like those already done this year. In the future, we will sit down and discuss how we can best serve Buddhists in general and Palyul specifically in how we handle the administration. We can also discuss how best to transfer this center to the next reincarnation of His Holiness when the time comes. Once this is legally finalized in writing, I will leave the administration. I won't bargain like the special council of Namdroling (if you do this I'll help, if you do that I won't). If we set the organization up in a way that transfers to the next His Holiness Penor Rinpoche, I'll step down and not be involved.

Alyce claims she is holding all properties in Maryland and Arizona 
"in trust"for Penor Rinpoche's incarnation, 
to be turned over "when he is educated."
Legal documents do not support her assertion in any way.
Note the similarity with Lobsang Chopel's statements, below.

    I feel I need to think in great detail on this subject because His Holiness faithfully gave me this job. And I also have to think very carefully concerning how this center can help Buddhists and Palyul and be returned to Holiness' hands as he would wish. Unless I am careful, the center could end up in the hands of some family. At the end of the day, they will have it for their own use. If that is even a remote possibility, then in the worst case, I will wait for His Holiness' reincarnation and keep the organization and center for him myself.

    I want you to especially understand neither myself nor Tsewang Norbu get any benefit from the center. We have and will continue to work tirelessly for the center without appropriating any assets for ourselves. If you don't believe that, you¹ll have to wait and see, since I can't do anything now to show you differently.

Alyce and her cult, KPC, clearly like the idea of creating scapegoats.
They spend enormous time and money denouncing those who know the truth.