Bait and Switch

New Age cult leader Alyce Zeoli (@JALpalyul) has been bellowing on Twitter about how her land in Arizona, known as "Dakini Valley," is being kept "in trust" for the reincarnation of Penor Rinpoche.

Lets look at the public records, shall we?

As seen above, the "Dakini Valley" property was taken in two transactions, and the beneficiary is not Penor Rinpoche. Rather, the beneficiary is something called "Dakini Valley, LLC."

"Dakini Valley LLC" is a for-profit entity, curiously owned and operated by a down-at-the-heels carpenter, a children's book author and his somewhat diminished son, and a defunct Maryland corporation still under the nominal control of Alyce's ex-husband.

All of this, of course, comes as a terrible surprise to the people who were swindled into believing they were financing a "Buddhist retreat center." Some victims paid as much as $60,000 for a "share" in the operation, and a "seat on the board." Of course, like all of Alyce Zeoli's self-serving schemes, nothing of the sort was ever intended, and the proof is in the paperwork. If the victims dared to scream in pain, they were beat down by Alyce's anonymous bullies... and some not so anonymous.

Some highly professional people who know how are taking a good, hard look at Mr. Somerville and Mr. Rowe these days.

We'll keep you posted.